Mikulka Electric is a proud supplier of Generac backup generators for your home. We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs, with custom and commercial units available.

Critical Systems Package
8k Generac unit with 10 circuit auto transfer unit. Keeps the critical systems in your house up and running, for example: heat, hot water, sump pumps, freezers and refrigerators.

Comfort Zone Package
14k Generac unit with 16 circuit auto transfer unit. Keeps critical systems up and running. Offers power for lighting and general convenience. For example: TV, bath lights, kitchen lights, kitchen counter receptacles, garage door opener receptacles, security lighting and alarm systems.

Whole House Package
20k Generac unit with auto transfer unit for the entire house. You will be asking your neighbors “What power outtage? I didn’t even notice!” Your whole house won’t miss a beat.

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